Pollination Forum 23th of May 2019

On Thursday 23th of May the Forum “How to achieve sustainable Pollination” was arranged in a Rosendal’s Garden in Stockholm.

To this day Lucas Garibaldi from Universidad Nacional de Río Negro in Argentina was invited as well as some of Sweden’s most knowledgeable and engaged experts on biodiversity, nature conservation, agriculture and urban planning.

The purpose of the meeting was to find concrete proposals on how to benefit pollinating insects by making measures to increase biodiversity and support pollinators in all parts of society.

Lucas Garibaldi gave an overview of the status of pollination globally and Maj Rundlöf from University of Lund described the situation in Sweden. Representatives from different fields of expertise gave their view on the obstacle and solutions for better conditions for pollinators and workshops were held on specific areas of pollination.

The results was later presented to the Swedish Minister of Environment and the Minister of Finance.

The Forum was arranged by Pollinate Sweden / Pollinate Europe in cooperation with Sweden’s Environmental Protection Agency, The Swedish Society for Nature Conservation, the Federation of Swedish Farmers/LRF and Rosendal’s Garden Foundation.

The Forum “How to achieve sustainable Pollination” took part during the Pollination Week, a concept for dissemination that was launched by Pollinate Sweden in 2018. During 2019 Pollination Week will take place 18–26th of May.

Organizers were Lotta Fabricius Kristiansen, Beekeeper and Expert on pollination, and Anna Lind Lewin, Communication Expert on Food and Sustainability, also founders of the Network Pollinate Sweden and Pollinate Europe.